Don't Let a Family Law Issue Weigh You Down

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You have a lot of tough decisions to make when going through a divorce. If you have children, things get even more complicated. Take your case to the Law Office of Ryan P. Sayers in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. As a compassionate child custody attorney, he'll assess your situation and listen to your needs to propose an equitable child custody arrangement.

Trust attorney Sayers to support your family's best interests during this trying time. Contact the Law Office of Ryan P. Sayers in Clearfield, PA today to speak with an experienced child custody attorney. Attorney Sayers also takes some uncontested divorce cases.

Are you planning to adopt a child?

Hire attorney Sayers to help. He practices in many areas of family law in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. He can:

  • Provide you with home study counseling
  • Connect birth mothers to qualified families
  • Give birth mothers trusted legal advice
  • Facilitate the adoption process

Adoptions can be an emotional, time-consuming processes. Attorney Sayers is committed to helping children grow up in safe, happy homes. He'll work diligently to help you welcome the newest addition to your family as soon as possible.

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